About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am 46 years old and work as a business consultant for a range of small businesses across the Cotswolds. I have been self employed now for about 4 years after taking redundancy at the large company I worked for that suffered terribly during the recession. I am not bitter about leaving in fact I had been thinking about going out on my own for ages and this just gave me the kick up the behind to go out and do something about it.

I have never looked back and whilst getting through the recession was a struggle I did and and am now in a great position to build my own future and fulfil some of my work ambitions. I work with some great clients and cover everything from optimising processes to marketing strategy and everything in between.

At home I have a lovely wife and three beautiful children, two girls and one boy and that keeps me busy for all of my free time. My boy is 5 and a real handful and my girls are 10 and 13 both going on twenty. I have a very busy time with them all and every weekend is about Dad’s taxi service taking them all over the place from Hockey and Football practice to an endless stream of parties.

When I am not taking the kids somewhere I do try to go to as many football matches as my time allows. I am a Reading supporter and have been for a great many years.

This is my blog and will be a look at my work and personal life and a whole manned of thoughts and feelings about all manner of topics. I really hope you enjoy my ramblings and feel free to comment on anything that you feel you have a thought on, I will try to respond to all.